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Dermal Fillers and Line Reduction

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Treatment Consultation

At H.B Aesthetics, we are available for a consultation and can explain dermal filler treatments to you. The can help give the appearance of firmer, plumper skin following these treatments, while still looking completely natural.


Many dermal filler treatments are made from Hyaluronic Acid. As this is a natural substance found within our bodies, its use is extremely safe. In fact, your levels of Hyaluronic Acid tend to deplete over time, which is one of the reasons you may develop fine lines on and around the face. To ensure that we are suggesting the appropriate dermal filler treatment for you, we will conduct a thorough initial consultation and gain a good understanding of your needs.


For more information on this or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us. We also specialise in expert skin care.

Important Information

We understand that many of our customers are embarking on medical aesthetics for the first time, which can be extremely overwhelming. However, our friendly and experienced team are here to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have, and have provided some useful information below:


  • Dermal filler treatments tend to last up to an hour, depending on the area that is being treated.

  • Recovery time is expected to be around 3-5 days for the majority of patients.

  • Some treatments may require numbing cream as a form of anaesthetic.

  • Treatments tend to last for 6-9 months.

  • Dermal fillers normally only require a single treatment at any one time.


Please note that the majority of this information will vary depending on the specific patient and the area they are choosing to have treated. We have years of experience in the industry, and are happy to offer expert advice whenever required. For more information or to book a consultation, don't hesitate to give us a call on 07395 532820.

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Would you like to discuss dermal filler treatment?

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